Can a dental hygienist be too rough?

You can't make every patient happy all the time. Your dentist should always be patient when treating you. When examining their mouth, they should continuously assess their comfort levels. If you experience unbearable bites or punctures, the dentist should stop puncturing you and allow you to relax and recover.

When the pain is too severe, you should be given an anesthetic to numb your mouth. Should patients wait for painless preventive appointments? In my opinion, if a patient does not have pathological activity in the form of gingivitis or periodontitis, preventive consultation should not be a painful experience. For patients without illness, a painful profile often means that the hygienist is using the wrong clinical technique. If a profile is painful for a patient free from the disease, the patient could label the hygienist as rude.

So, if a patient who doesn't have any illnesses complains, then maybe you're being rude. To answer your question, yes, the hygienist can cause harm even without the Cavitron. High scaling can damage margins. If I were in your position, I wouldn't let this hygienist touch my teeth, whether I used a Cavitron, a manual scraper, or a toothpick.

If that meant changing dentists, I would do it and tell the dentist why. From what he told me, I have serious doubts about how much he cares about his patients, which for me is the first requirement of quality care. On rough hands, a cavitron can cause significant damage not only to restorations, but sometimes also to the teeth. I don't know the previous hygienist, but I have noticed that many patients have radiographic stones.

In my first job as a hygienist, many patients told me: “You didn't hurt me like the last girl, and some even thanked me. In the modern era, low-budget dental payment plans and dentists are at the forefront of customer satisfaction. In addition, they will offer emergency dental appointments and nighttime dental appointments for full-time workers. The family dental clinic is just a five-minute walk from Caringbah train station, or you can park in the front of the office.

A visit to your local dentist or dental office should allow you to feel clean and fresh, without regrets. Although I think that most hygienists make an effort to eliminate all the stone, the truth is that all hygienists stop the stone from time to time. When patients don't like their provider, whether dentist or hygienist, they're more likely to interrupt or cancel appointments. What bothers me most about what you told me is that your hygienist was upset when you asked him not to use the Cavitron.

A qualified and trusted dentist will thoroughly analyze your oral needs and will only recommend the procedures or actions that are 100% necessary. He is now president of Infinity Dental Web, a company in Mesa, Arizona, that does advanced Internet marketing for dentists. They tend to judge the quality of a dentist or hygienist's work based on the things they can see and how they feel during the appointment.