Can i just go to a hygienist?

A typical routine dental health checkup appointment with your dentist will last about 30 minutes, a typical routine dental hygiene appointment will also last about 30 minutes. It is quite common to visit the dentist and then the hygienist consecutively every six months. Many offices offer dental membership plans to help spread the cost of these appointments over an extended period throughout the year. Most of our patients have a routine of booking their appointment with the hygienist at the same time as their appointment with the dentist.

However, since the legislation changed a few years ago, it is no longer mandatory to visit the dentist before you can book an appointment with the hygienist. They can work together with the dentist, perform treatments after the dentist has referred you, or recommend treatments based solely on your initial consultation. The regularity of your appointments with the hygienist depends on your needs. Some people can get the treatment they need in a single appointment, others need to see the hygienist once every three months.

For most people, regular visits with the hygienist are a beneficial addition to the six monthly checkups as part of their overall oral care regimen.