What is the highest hourly pay for a dental hygienist?

According to US News and World Report, the American cities with the highest salary for dental hygienists include. The latest Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) report for dental hygienists (BLS) lists everything. You might not be interested in moving to one of those five cities, but you still want to know which states have the highest salaries when it comes to dental hygiene jobs. Therefore, in general, occupations in the field of dental health can be lucrative and safe, but they also depend on where in the United States you live.

Dental hygienists get the most out of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. Looking at both lists together, you can see that most of the best cities for dentists are in the Northeast, while most of the best cities for dental hygienists are located on the West Coast. A career as a dental hygienist is a well-paying opportunity, regardless of the state in which you choose to practice. This is most likely due to the lack of dental hygienists in the state, so they must pay more due to supply and demand issues.

Dental hygienist jobs are expected to increase by 15.3% over the next decade, much faster than the average growth rate of other occupations. You know if you are being paid fairly as a dental hygienist if your salary is close to the average salary of the state in which you live. The darkest areas on the map show where dental hygienists earn the highest salaries in all 50 states. Some offices may choose to pay hygienists a fixed rate per day or depending on the number of patients they serve.